Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005

From boingboing to flickr to WWI Eastern Front

Now here are more readers from the English blogoshpere than from the German one.

Since published the url link to a set of more than 130 photos of a German soldier on the EASTERN FRONT during WWI I will try to give some further information. Though millions of soldiers experienced the other huge front in WWI there is a big gap of images compared to the Western Front. WWI seems to be a war almoust exclusivly devasting areas in Belgium and France.

In recent years more studies were done, about the way the Germans established a strange military state, called Ober Ost. This occupation and its result was one of the reason for the decision making 20 years later during WWII conquering Eastern Europe and the way they did it. Here are some results:

one of the major studies from US Historian, Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius
his book: War Land on the Eastern Front

Or this one from Erin Gettmann
The Baltic region during WWI

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