Dienstag, Juni 28, 2005

"Stag party" in Tallinn

Vor einiger Zeit gab es schon Hinweise auf den üblen Alkohol-Sextourismus in Tallinn, neuerdings mit Kundschaft aus dem United Kingdom. Die Billigflüge am Wochenende machen es möglich. Der bislang sorgenvollste e-mail Erlebnisbericht erschien gerade im Guardian. Da es nicht sicher ist, ob der Text länger online zu lesen ist, hier ein Auszug:
Beer and vodka are really cheap in Tallinn; so are the women - a big attraction for groups of men whose idea of fun is cheap booze and birds.

Brits have only been coming to Tallinn on stag weekends for the past couple of years but it's set to get worse. More and more tour operators back home are selling these trips. I found a site on the internet called Tallinn Pissup, which organises most party weekends there. One of the things on offer is training at Dr Death's military academy on how to use pump-action shotguns - unfortunately not on each other. They can visit strip clubs where there are "working women" and drop in on a medieval lesbian strip show.

I've been lucky enough not to see the Underpants since that morning. One of the hotel staff told me they don't get up until the afternoon, and then head straight for the bars. Some pubs have "No Stag Party" signs on the door, but most Tallinners can't afford to lose the business. Not many regular tourists will be keen to visit once they see sights like a load of Brits and Finns parading through the Old Town waving pictures of naked women on flags.

I talked to an elderly couple in a restaurant. Joan is from Bradford, and her husband, Henry, was born in Tallinn. They have visited twice a year since they got married, but after this trip won't be back until the sex tourists stop coming.

Many Tallinners stay away from restaurants and bars when the sex tourists are in town, too. As a result, the majority of money is going to those businesses that provide some kind of "adult" entertainment. Other businesses are suffering and are in danger, I am told, of being taken over by criminal gangs who have the funds to buy them out. Families are unlikely to come to Tallinn when the sex tourists predominate, so hotels are forced to advertise on the websites offering party weekends. This in turn puts off regular customers and it becomes a vicious circle.

Government officials say they will do all they can to stop Estonian women being trafficked, but they are ignoring the sex tourism on their doorstep. Estonia has at least 5,000 prostitutes, and it is a small country. The numbers of brothels are rising to meet the demand of the Underpants Brigade. There are growing numbers of strip clubs in the Old Town, and, as in Amsterdam, taxi drivers are paid by the criminals who run these places to take stag groups to brothels. Women from the poor, depressed areas in the north-east of Estonia, mainly Russian-speaking ethnic Estonians, are being trafficked into Tallinn to meet the increasing demand.

Tallinn is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but it is being ruined by men from my own country.

Wenn wenigstens das verdiente Geld im armen Nordosten Estlands landet, aber nachprüfen will ich das lieber nicht.

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  1. "Wenn wenigstens das verdiente Geld im armen Nordosten Estlands landet, aber nachprüfen will ich das lieber nicht."

    Darauf würde ich nicht hoffen. Das Geld wird wohl eher überwiegend an die St. Petersbuerger Mafia ihren Weg finden, zumindest was den Menschnenhandel und die Versklavung junger ethnisch russischer Estinnen in Tallinn betrifft.

    Interessant auch aktuell dieser Bericht:


    Demnach steht wohl auch die Prostitution in Estland kurz vor einem Verbot. Ich sehe das auch für Estland als einzigen Lösungsweg. Die andere Alternative, Prostitution als einen Job wie jeden anderen zu behandeln hielte ich für Estland kaum tragbar, da dadurch noch mehr Sextouristen sich "legalisiert" fühlen würden, nach Estland zu kommen und die HIV-Probleme gar nicht mehr in den Griff zu bekommen wären. Mal abgesehen davon, dass in Estland bei Prostitution immer von Zwangsprostitution ausgegangen werden kann.