Dienstag, Oktober 10, 2006

"What has happened to our dreamland?"

Mehrere Posts hier drehten sich um den Wahlkampf für die Präsidentschaft Estlands. Toomas Hendrik Ilves ist jetzt das neue Staatsoberhaupt. Und er richtet gleich einen Apell an die Bürger. Sie sollten nicht dem Staat den Rücken zukehren, sondern selbst die Entscheidungen beeinflussen.
There has been wailing that after the accession to the NATO and the European Union Estonia has no goal. Just like a student we have worked hard for more than ten years, successfully graduated from the university and achieved everything we intended to while growing up. In a way we are at a loss now: what to do now as an adult. What kind of targets to set; what kind of responsibility to assume as an adult state?

However, while setting targets let us ask ourselves and ask honestly: have the people and the state internally done equally well?

What has happened to our dreamland, to the democratic Republic of Estonia if its citizens are afraid to freely express their opinion; if the citizens have become scared and frustrated to act as citizens, to implement the duty of citizen and follow one’s conscience?

Plans to mine phosphorite, which once enkindled our independence movement have transformed into our own businessmen’s plan to open new oil-shale mines. Is the threat to Estonia’s nature now really less significant? Should the people in Virumaa take it more calmly now that the potential environmental catastrophe will be caused not by decision-makers in Moscow but in Tallinn?
Nachdem alle bisherigen Ziele erreicht wurden wie die EU-Mitgliedschaft fragt er, in welche Zukunft Estland eigentlich steuern möchte.

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  1. Die Türken, die Chinesen und Indien berichten bereits über die Vereidigung des estnischen Präsidenten. (www.paperball.de). Die Europäer schnarchen wieder vor sich hin. Besonders die deutschen Medien.