Mittwoch, September 20, 2006

Der berühmteste Este...

für die Japaner ist Baruto. Zur Zeit laufen wieder einige wichtige Zweikämpfe in seinem Profisport Sumoringen,Ereignisse die auch in Estland genau verfolgt werden.
Jemand hat sich die Mühe gemacht einen Postimees-Artikel ins Englische zu übersetzen. Ein paar Einblicke in das Leben seiner derzeitigen Heimat Japan.
"Baruto is very popular among japanese" praises the president - " He is an outstanding athlete and he will reach the absolute top. Everybody in Japan in expecting that".
Baruto's mother Mrs. Tiina Pudel tells to the newspaper "It is not easy in a foreing country. Sometimes Kaido calls me many times a day just to talk to somebody".
According to mother's words son is not regretting the chosen path and wants to see how far he can advance. "Kaid has almost no private life, all hours of his days are planned in advance".
Too young for girls
According to rules 21 year old should not have a girlfriend - he is considered too young! "One can find a girlfriend after coach has agreed to it" enlightens Baruto.
He has been allowed to come to home for three days with the help from Mr. Tanaka. "According to the rules I first have to ask permission from coach and then from the sumo federation" explains Kaido " but usually my request does not go beyond my mentor".

Kaido Höövelson ist sein estnischer Name

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