Sonntag, Februar 12, 2012

Let's do it Conference in Tallinn

Das scheint ja eine lustige Veranstaltung in Tallinn gewesen zu sein. Die Let's do it Konferenz im Januar. Es geht um eine weltweite Aktion, an der wiederholt, demnächst im März, eine Umweltsäuberungsmaßnahme stattfinden soll.
The representatives were preparing their regions to take part in the series of cleanups that will sweep the globe between 24th March and 25th September 2012.Why do we want to meet? The aim of the conference that precedes this incredible time is to share ideas, knowledge and experiences about how to organise such large-scale cleaning actions. It will also be a place to discuss any potential difficulties and find the solutions together. Most importantly, the conference will be a place to bring together teams from around the world; a place to form networks of wonderful people and organisations to rely on over the course of the coming year.
Egal, was Zyniker davon halten werden, aber diese internationalen Treffen haben was, wenn die Stimmung gut ist. Die Konferenz Final Dinner and Party

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