Montag, August 06, 2007

Cyberwar - Gadi Evron

Über die Internetangriffe auf estnische Webseiten im April und Mai diesen Jahres wurde ausführlich berichtet, besonders in vielen Onlineforen. Am Ende wurden aber häufig die gleichen Quellen zitiert. Auf der einen Seite Nazario
und mit leicht unterschiedlicher Sichtweise Gadi Evron aber mit ähnlicher Analyse am Ende
Many Russian-language blogs offered simple and detailed instructions to their readers on how to overload Estonian Web sites using "ping" commands, for instance, Evron said. The bloggers also kept updating their advice as Estonian incident responders started defending against the initial attacks.

The attacks started with pings and quickly scaled up to more sophisticated attacks, including those enabled via botnets from outside Estonia. One attack was launched by a specially crafted botnet with targets hard-coded in their source, Evron said. Some bloggers attempted to collect money to hire botnets to launch attacks against targets in Estonia, Evron said.

The timing of the attacks, their scope and the sudden availability of botnets to aim at Estonian targets suggest that some level of organization was involved, Evron said. But there is no evidence to explain who was responsible.

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