Donnerstag, März 08, 2007

Baltische Union ?

Für die Geostrategen ein altes neues Thema. Was längst abgehakt schien, kommt wieder: eine Baltische Union. So jedenfalls sieht es der 'Economist':
A Baltic Union?
Almost every country in the region is linking its electricity grid to somebody else's. After a decade in which “eastern Europe” seemed to have little in common but anti-communism, the energy plans and the anti-missile shield suggest that a new regional co-operation might be stirring.
If so, that is partly in response to a pipeline that Russia and Germany are planning to lay on the Baltic seabed to pump gas directly from one to the other, circumventing the pesky countries in between. For the Germans, the pipeline means greater security; but the other countries in the region see it as a threat.

Alle, die Estland schon genordet hatten (Skandinavien) werden sich ärgern müssen. Osteuropa ist wieder zurück, zumindest für den Economist.

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