Mittwoch, Dezember 07, 2005

Eine andere Sicht auf Estland

Seit jüngster Zeit gibt es einige neue englischsprachige Weblogs aus Estland. Einer davon stammt von "Elli", ihr erster Post beschreibt ihre Motivation zu schreiben und zu fotografieren: I am. 22-year-old audiovisual media student from Estonia - trying to figure out what am I doing here.
I´ve tried several times to leave this country and somehow it just doesn`t work that way. Once I made it to england, but returned after half a year. Estonia is beautiful, it`s my home, it`s my family... and yet, in my eyes, the country is still so miserable. I`m going to try to go away again next year. Maybe I can keep myself away from here at least a year, and then, when I come back, perhaps everything here in Estonia will look better and more developed. This is how I see it from here...

Wer ihre Perspektive kennenlernen möchte, hier der Link zu ihrer Seite: SadEst

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