Mittwoch, März 28, 2012

Kanu fahren im Auenwald

Paddling in Alluvial Forest by Ruukel
Paddling in Alluvial Forest, a photo by Ruukel on Flickr.

Wo jetzt die Wintersportarten ihrem Ende entgegen sehen, kann man sich auf die Frühjahrsaktivitäten umstellen. Wie wäre es mit Paddeln im Soomaa-Nationalpark. Man muss nur auf die Bäume achten.

Aivar Ruukel steht hinter diesem Ökotourismus:
Wilderness experience in Estonia, die Touren. Und auf der Seite von schildert er die Hintergründe seiner Aktivitäten. ...
Life in Soomaa depends more on climate than anywhere else in Estonia, the waters here are extraordinary – the numerous rivers meet in a rather small area between fens and swamp forests. Water from the nearby uplands can during the spring time melting or rain season unleash such an avalanche of water that rivers break out of their banks. This almost Biblical flood happens every year. Flood is called the fifth season by local people. Very often the dugout canoe was the only means to get out of the house and that is why it has been preserved in families living in the vicinity of the national park. More about building and use of dugout canoes made of aspen log you can find at

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